Service Level Agreement

Order Accuracy

Love2Ship shall maintain 100% accuracy in fulfilling the orders correctly with the items listed on Love2Ship dashboard. If replacement shipments are required due to an error on the part of Love2Ship, Love2Ship will pay the lesser of the return postage or replacement value of incorrect items shipped, waive all fees on the replacement order, and re-ship the order.

Fragile Wrapping & Breakage

Love2Ship shall maintain a <2% breakage rate due to improper packaging (e.g. products shifting and /or lack of wrapping). Claims for goods damaged during the shipping process will be submitted directly to the carrier and not count towards the allotted breakage rate noted above. It is the Company’s responsibility to mark the SKUs as fragile in the Love2Ship app for breakage to be tracked and accounted for.

Breakage will be evaluated on a monthly basis and the number of orders that exceed the designated allowance will be credited the average replacement cost (i.e. declared value) of the products damaged in excess of 2% and waive all fees on the replacement order as outlined in the “Order Accuracy” section.

Inventory Accuracy

Due to good faith receiving (i.e. not counting each individual unit) and relying on supplier information noted on the inbound shipments, Love2Ship cannot ensure accuracy of inventory counts. Although inner cartons are not opened to account for every unit, cases and pallets are counted as an additional level of verification. Love2Ship will limit its liability up to $10 /unit for full cartons that are missing after they were received and accounted for in our system. A valid purchase order and proof of payment must be provided before any credit is issued.

Verified Inventory

For an additional charge, Company can enroll in our “Verified Inventory” program. Love2Ship will then increase the liability up to $250 /unit if there is any inventory shrink after the inventory is counted in full upon receiving.


Love2Ship shall receive and put-away inventory within three business days provided its published receiving guidelines have been followed. Receivings larger than thirty (30) cartons, four (4) pallets, and containers must be logged in the Love2Ship app five (5) business days prior to the inventory arriving to ensure receiving commitments can be met.

If the inventory does not meet these guidelines, Love2Ship at its sole discretion can reject the inventory or the Company’s shipments may be delayed and Company agrees Love2Ship shall not be held liable for any loss or damage as a result of such delay.